We were established to help transform the UK energy market

By enabling local authorities to be part of a sustainable solution to adverse climate change and affirm the UK’s shift to a low carbon economy.

Our Mission

To build a self-sufficient electricity supply business, accessible to local authorities and underpinned by the ownership of its own fleet of modern, renewable generation assets.

The energy market has evolved with winners and losers along the way. From a nationalised industry, to a privatised industry relying on large scale fossil fuelled or nuclear assets to today’s market which is a mix of independent suppliers and a shrinking “big 6”.

We believe one of the losers of the evolution has been local authorities and their communities who desire the stability of price and supply that generating assets can provide but independent suppliers without assets cannot offer.

Using investments from local authorities, Toucan Energy currently owns over 500MW of renewable assets which provide stable investment returns and has its own licenced supply business. We have seen the strains a rising wholesale price and customer growth has placed on the new independent entrants, and in light of this are we are taking a measured and long term approach to unlocking the potential of our business.

Our Values

Strong belief in the generation and supply of cost effective renewable energy for the benefit of the many.

A long term attitude to investment decisions and quality.

Commitment to what is the right choice, not the easy one.

The Future

Renewable energy has moved away from needing central subsidies to be economic.

Our goals match our ambitious local authority partners and we remain an active investor in new renewable projects and would be delighted to hear from you if you have an investment opportunity info@toucanenergy.com