The Team at Toucan

All of the team share the same approach and ethos, which is key to taking Toucan forward in a lean and efficient manner.

Our ethos is to use data, verify everything we see, be decisive and use the contracts that we have paid for.

We work together with the assets as the foundation.

Daniel Kirk
Managing Director

Daniel joined Toucan Energy in January 2018 to build the independent team, brand and develop Toucan Energy’s strategy. Prior to launching Toucan Energy, Daniel worked at Magnetar where he led the solar investment team building one of the largest UK portfolios and implemented many of the innovative and bespoke contracts and data centric management now considered the norm in the industry. Daniel has also worked at listed onshore wind owner REG. Daniel is a Chartered Accountant having qualified at KPMG.

Ieuan Spencer
Technical Director

Ieuan joined Toucan Energy in February 2018 and is responsible for ensuring the portfolio of assets are managed and optimised to best in class standard. Working closely with our asset managers and construction supply chain, we are proud and open of the consistent and rigorous approach taken on ensuring the assets are as they should be. Before working at Toucan, Ieuan oversaw the contract negotiation, construction and ongoing management of the solar portfolio at Magnetar, and worked as an independent engineer at RINA. Ieuan is a qualified Civil Engineer.

Dan Skilton
Financial Controller

Dan joined Toucan in April 2018 as financial controller for Toucan’s large corporate structure. Dan works closely with Toucan’s asset managers, banks and our stakeholders to ensure smooth financial operations and reporting. Dan was previously financial controller at renewable developer and asset manager, REG Power Management, where he was responsible for a client portfolio of over 40 projects. Dan is a Chartered Accountant having qualified at Deloitte.

Sheeraz Naqvi
Contracts Manager

Sheeraz joined Toucan Energy in March 2018 ensure the vast amount of obligations and entitlements in the project contracts are followed and received. Sheeraz works closely with the engineers, technical team and external legal advisors to manage existing contracts and put in place replacements as short term agreements expire. In an asset class that is still developing and discovering its potential, ensuring our contracts evolve is a key investment and belief from everyone at Toucan Energy. Prior to joining Toucan Energy, Sheeraz worked at leading asset manager Quintas Energy.

Sarah Farrelly
Technical Manager

Sarah joined Toucan Energy on creation in January 2018 and supports the technical operation. Sarah works closely with the day to day operations and maintenance teams which manage the portfolio covering over 2,500 acres of land and 2 million solar panels. Before working at Toucan Energy, Sarah worked at Solar Century on projects which included the delivery of 112mw in our portfolio and Encome providing maintenance services.